About Cubesat SC

CubeSat satellites are a rapidly developing area of the world space industry.

A cost-effective and affordable solution for:

  • Technology demonstration
  • Testing of new devices
  • Building of communications constellations
  • IoT application
  • Building of information systems (environmental monitoring, mapping for agriculture)
6U CubeSat

(designed by SPUTNIX, LLC, Russia)

Installation of a 1U CubeSat in a deployer. The satellite was designed by students of the Sapienza University of Rome (Italy)
CubeSats mean
  • Scientific and educational projects
  • Involvement of young people in high-tech projects with a large number of science-intensive areas
  • Prospects for the development of small businesses in the field of space technology
  • Expansion of international cooperation
  • Prospective high performance Earth remote sensing constellations

Aerospace Capital LLC is a private Russian company, designer of separation systems for microsatellites and Cubesat spacecraft

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