Aerospace Capital LLC (Russian private company) is a developer and manufacturer of separation systems for CubeSats. The company provides commercial CubeSat launch services based on the separation systems of its own production for the nano-satellite segment of the market. The development of electromechanical separation systems for microsatellites class spacecraft is underway.

Proven reliability

Our separation systems have been successfully flight tested during the launch mission of Soyuz-2 with Fregat upper stage (March 2021). The deployers and sequencer successfully accomplished their task of in-orbit separation of a group of CubeSats.

The result of participation in the first launch mission using 12U (4x3U and 2x3U + 6U) deployers is the opening of 7 out of 7 deployer doors in orbit at the agreed times, safe separation of 9 out of 9 spacecraft (all spacecraft are operational after separation).

Angular velocities of the 3U and 6U CubeSats at separation were from 0.2 deg/s to 3 deg/s depending on the SC CoG.

Reliable functioning of the Aerospace Capital’s separation systems in the space environment was proven, possibility of a reliable adaptation of the separation systems to the LV upper stage was confirmed.)

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Our approaches during development

Deployers are equipped with all the necessary subsystems for high-quality locking and separation of CubeSats.

Structurally, all separation system subsystems are developed by our company based on its own technical solutions. This includes independent development, manufacture and testing of door electromechanical devices.

In-depth and detailed elaboration, critical attitude to each potential solution in the course of development, verification of stability margins for a variety of technical parameters are the basis of our company's approaches to and principles of product development.

The main elements that ensure reliability of adaptation and separation of the spacecraft:
– Set of dynamic rails in the slot for a reliable restraint of the spacecraft;
– Door with redundant elements in the mechanical locking part (which provides increased reliability of the state of the deployer with the spacecraft during the launch);
– Technical solutions that consistently ensure accuracy of the deployer rails location for the spacecraft separation;
– Structure with the necessary safety margins;
– Spacecraft pushing device that provides the required value of the spacecraft separation linear velocity;
– Adjustment elements;

The methods of spacecraft locking provide for forces and moments control.

There is a sequence of dynamic unlocking processes, which eliminates risks for the spacecraft at its separation from the deployer slot.

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CubeSat separation system snapshot

CubeSat separation systems, the area in which we specialize, belong to the class of light weight compact small-size electromechanical products, accessible for assembly, adjustment, and testing by a small team of engineers. All separation system subsystems are developed and manufactured by the company itself with thorough parameters and processes quality control

The main components of a separation system:
– Deployer is a small-size item with a mass varying from 9 to 13 kg (depending on configuration) equipped with deployer modules of 3U - 16U format, electromechanical means of CubeSat locking and unlocking, and elements of CubeSat release (pushing out) from deployer module;
– Electronic control unit is a small-size item with a mass varying from 3 to 4 kg (depending on configuration and complete set) equipped with its own storage batteries (safe for transportation and used for space missions) and electronic elements. The electronic unit performs the function of generating and providing electrical signals to deployers to unlock the module doors and CubeSat release.

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Company’s products and services

We provide launch services for the CubeSat-class satellites using deployers of our own production on the launch vehicles available on the commercial market.

Our technical solutions and products are available for the launch of your spacecraft and implementation of launch missions.

We can expeditiously manufacture a series of 12U and 16U deployers and sequencers to launch a cluster of 1U - 16U CubeSats.

By choosing our products and services, you get reliable technical adaptation of the satellite for both low Earth orbit and geostationary orbit launch missions.

The company provides the following basic services:
1. Launches of 1U-16U CubeSats to outer space;
2. Services related to the manufacturing of separation systems with their pre-launch preparation for CubeSat in-orbit deployment.

The company’s additional services include:
1.Coordination of technical interfaces with launch customers;
2. CubeSat/deployer fit-check;
3. Support during preparation for CubeSat qualification tests;
4. Provision of the test tooling and deployer test modules of various formats for CubeSat tests;
5. Services related to the development of CubeSat elements.

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Our approaches to the work with customers

Our main approaches to the work with customers are:
– Early control of all interface parameters, provision of risk reduction recommendations to SC designers;
– Flexibility in adapting the separation system to customer needs;
– Provision of all necessary conditions for SC operations during the integration process;
– Participation in the coordination of CubeSat mechanical test programs, support during CubeSat tests.

Quality control

Aerospace Capital exercises quality control in all areas of the company's activities and keeps on working on improving technical solutions, organizational and operational processes.

Measures aimed at improving the quality:
– optimization and improvement of technical solutions;
– critical analysis of the changes in design documentation (if any) and re-testing (if necessary);
– quality control during integration and testing;
– for each satellite for which a separation system is being prepared: analysis of all safety aspects of spacecraft accommodation in the deployer module;
– ensuring the product safety by various parameters;
– optimization of workflow processes;

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Our team

Our team:
– Experts with experience in launch services, contract work, and marketing;
– Technical experts in a number of engineering areas;
– Technical experts in the assembly of structures, as well as in the assembly and testing of electronic products;
– Experts in quality assurance for production processes, manufactured components, documentation and reporting.

Our personnel are a well – organized team of young highly qualified R&D engineers who have gone a long way in creating a separation system and professionally perform assembly operations in the course of space products production.

Our engineers specialize in:
electromechanics, electronics, automatic control systems, electromechanical system design engineering, spacecraft design engineering, strength and thermal analyses.

The company's technicians have successful R&D experience in the fields of electromechanics and robotics, as well as successful experience in the development, qualification testing, launch preparation and operation of space adaptation and spacecraft separation systems.

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Company’s strategy

Our goals:
– Implementation of CubeSat separation systems application projects. A customer must receive a quality result in accordance with their requirements and deadlines;
– Development of CubeSat launch services using our deployers and commercial LV launch services available in the market;
– Development of new solutions for electromechanical separation systems;
– Expansion of our team’s areas of activities in the market of space technologies.

By joining our efforts, we create hot world level products for the space industry.

Aerospace Capital LLC is a private Russian company, designer of separation systems for microsatellites and Cubesat spacecraft

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