Quick and reliable adaptation of your satellite for the launch mission

Aerospace Capital designs and manufactures CubeSat separation systems based on the in-house technical solutions that provide quick and reliable satellite adaptation to launch, satellite deployment in orbit with low tip-off rates, a cost-effective launch service, flexibility in adapting to non-standard requirements of satellites, and possible remote fit-check operations. Our current flight-proven products are 12U deployers in 4x3U and 2x3U+6U configurations, and a sequencer.

Our specialty is design and manufacture of separation systems for CubeSats and microsatellites


Spacecraft deployer

a system for adapting CubeSats to a launch vehicle for launch into space

Multi-channel sequencer



Deployers are equipped with the deployer door unlocking control system — a sequencer. The sequencer ensures the opening of the deployer doors at preset moments of time in orbit.

Multi-channel sequencer
Spacecraft deployer


Multi-channel sequencer

Controls the opening of 6 to 36 deployer doors. Adding separate electronic circuit boards

Spacecraft deployer
Multi-channel sequencer

Our priority is the cubesat safety during launch and deployment

Our team (specialists in space robotics, mechatronics, electronics and drives, strength, spacecraft design), after a thorough analysis of the problems associated with CubeSat adaptation and orbiting, has developed a number of technical solutions aimed at reliable locking of satellite in a deployer slot during ascent by a launch vehicle, and the safe release of a satellite from the deployer. These solutions are implemented in the design of the deployers that our company offers for orbiting your missions. The pre-flight fine-tuning of the mechanisms and compliance with the set linear velocity of the satellite at separation have been worked out.

Ensuring reliability during SC launch and deployment

Design and manufacture

Stability margins in the design and operation of mechanisms

Redundant elements in the mechanical locking part

Quality control of the functioning of each movable element in the mechanisms

Redundant elements in deployer sequencer

Technical solutions that consistently ensure accuracy of the separation rails location after the deployer assembly

Independent development and testing of the door electromechanical devices.

Possibility to provide the specified value of the SC linear velocity at separation


Autonomous tests

Before launch, all elements of separation systems manufactured by our company undergo necessary scope of testing


Fine-tuning for SC deployment

The efficiency of mechanism unlocking is checked out at all stages of deployer assembling and testing

The optimal pre-load setting for the mechanisms when locking each CubeSat is done

During fit-check and SC integration: check-out of SC unlocking in a deployer slot


Safe SC orbiting

A set of technical solutions has been implemented and tested in space to ensure longitudinal and transverse locking of a spacecraft in the slot, to avoid any backlash between the spacecraft rails and the deployer slot rails during ascend

Anomaly protection systems, systems for spacecraft sequential unlocking and safe shockless separation of the spacecraft from the deployer have been introduced in the mechanical scope of the deployer

The deployer slots are equipped with switchers that indicate the status of mechanisms for the formation of telemetry about spacecraft separation


Company's services

We offer a full range of technical services: from the manufacture of separation systems to the adaptation and arrangement of launch services for CubeSats. We have gained experience in many aspects of CubeSat adaptation for launch using our in-house separation systems, and we are developing launch service capabilities based on our product line for the CubeSat market.

For launch service providers
Separation systems for CubeSat orbiting, SC adapting to the launch vehicle and ensuring SC deployment in orbit
For satellite designers
CubeSat integration into a cluster mission, ascent to Earth orbit, and separation Arrangement of CubeSat cluster launching as a dedicated mission Deployer test modules provision for SC tests
Design services
Design and manufacture of electronic units Design of structural components Strength analysis Mechanism development Development of mechanical locking systems

CubeSats orbited using AEROSPACE CAPITAL’s deployers

LacunaSat2-B 3U
"3B5GSAT" 3U
Open Cosmos Ltd
United Kingdom
"WildTrackCube-SIMBA" 1U
University of Rome La Sapienza
"GRBAlpha" 1U
University of Košice
"KSU_cubesat" 1U
King Saud University
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Russian CubeSat spacecraft launched under the "Space π" program with the support of the Innovation Promotion Fund

CubeSats built and launched under the SPACE-π Project supported by the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovation Enterprises

«Orbicraft-Zorkiy» 6U


«CubeSX-HSE» 3U

The Higher School of Economics

«CubeSX-Sirius-HSE» 3U

Sirius Educational Center,
and The Higher School of Economics

Our mission is to provide our customers with a successful result during the satellite adaptation, launch, and deployment in orbit.

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Aerospace Capital LLC is a private Russian company, designer of separation systems for CubeSat spacecraft

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